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Online men are more likely than online women to have viewed images from web cams: 19% of men with internet access have done so, compared to 13% of wired women.Another way to describe the gender gap is to say that 60% of those who have viewed web cam material are men. Family don't get to view the body and there's no service as such. I'd already discussed it with BJ and I spoke to son about it in October. The Co-Op funeral people have a deal where you pay up front, about half what it normally costs, and when the time comes it just takes one phone call. Daughter was going to fiddle with them so I could put them on here. Strangers on the Internet are able to see a live stream of any of the day care's 16 cameras.The type of cameras involved are known as Internet Protocol (IP) cameras.These cameras can send and receive data through a computer network or through the Internet and are used in everything from surveillance systems to baby monitors.

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus three points.That translates into roughly 21 million people who have viewed material on web cams.And on any given day, about two million internet users are checking out remote places or people by using webcams.Nearly 750 cameras in metro Phoenix were available to watch on as of last week — though not all appeared to be in the Phoenix area.The cameras offered a look inside small businesses, baby cribs and living rooms. Every camera streaming on either has a no default password, or a default user name and password that is "admin:admin" or "admin:12345."first gained notoriety at the end of October when Vice reported on it.

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