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Early on there was concern over the character’s size.I chose the size in order to create an interesting silhouette, movement and some character contrast.(These are the iterations building up to a near final concept.I tried different color and accessory combinations.This involved figuring out scale in comparison to other characters, color pallets and smaller damage details.

In most cases I would keep going through a couple more iterations to see if something better comes along or just dig out some other ideas.

That special edition figure has been named, Zomic Book Guy.

In this developer diary I will take you through a relatively brief overview of the process of taking something from my brain, to paper, to the imaginary world of a computer screen to the imaginary world of reality.

Unfortunately time was dwindling and I needed to trust my instinct and run with something.

(I eventually decided to go with cartoon-ish damage to the eye to help cut our the silhouette and make it stand out more.

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